Sugar Christmas Tree, 2020

Everything that nature creates is the most beautiful for us. It is also the source of inspiration from which the wonderful idea for the upcoming creation, the Christmas tree, originated.

The main Christmas tree of the city is erected in the centre of the Town Hall Square, adorned with white, fluffy imitations of snowflakes, numerous garlands of lights, and, of course, a crown. Standing next to the tree, we can catch a whiff of the magical forest and feel the enchantment of winter sparkle. The branches of the tree are adorned with impressive decorations ranging in size from 0.3 meters to 2.5 meters in height. The texture and shapes of the decorations create a visual image as if the tree is adorned with white, fluffy sugary “pastries”. All the decorations are white in colour. The entire body of the tree is covered with numerous small lights, which, like a starry sky, shine through the hidden branches covered in decorations.

The lower part of the tree is surrounded by large decorations, resembling “delicious pastries,” which make you want to touch them and “taste” them.

This idea is a very attractive solution, especially considering that our winters do not always bless us with the whiteness of snow. This decoration composition helps create an illusion that imitates whiteness, snow, frost, and a beautiful winter. Such decor has an effect not only at night when the lights shine but also during the day.

To add a sense of celebration and elegance, the Town Hall Square is additionally adorned with 20 different-sized sheep. The sheep have a white “coat” made of the same texture as the main tree decorations. Next to the sheep, there are 20 stands of varying heights on which cloud-like decorations are placed, creating the image of white trees.

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