Christmas Tree “Emerald Garden”, 2021

The decoration idea of the tree is to create a magical Garden of Paradise that envelops the entire central part of the Town Hall Square.

Christmas trees are always associated with the colour green. We often imagine paradise as perpetually lush green, so we always decorate a tree that remains green. This time, the idea arose to intensify the significance of colour to an emerald glow, creating a mystical space that not only shines but also shimmers, is vibrant, and at the same time magical. The festive space, adorned with decorations, plunges us into a fantastic Christmas meadow, where the fairies of our dreams fly and where shining butterflies sway like Christmas lights at night. Standing by the decorations, we feel like Alice in Wonderland, small among tall grass and large fairies.

Emerald is a precious, transparent gemstone, rare and desirable for its aesthetic beauty, energetic, and healing properties. It becomes a gift to all of us after a difficult, stressful period. The green colour symbolizes the hope of rebirth, which is the true meaning of Christmas. The tree is decorated with main artistic accents – stylized meadow elements, various-sized lacework fairies, and sparkling butterflies. In the middle, a stream of decorations from many sparkling fairies is created. In addition to the fairies, about 100 decorative compositions of butterflies are mounted throughout the height of the tree. LED lights with changing shades of green and transparent acrylic decorations in the shape of butterflies are mounted on a structural ring, forming a wreath of butterflies.

Large compositions of grass are arranged around the tree. The height of the grass ranges from 100 cm to 200 cm. Some compositions have special frames that hold wings the size of a person, so that when taking photos, people themselves become like large emerald butterflies.

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