Christmas Tree “Star Trails”, 2022

The idea for decorating the Christmas tree this year was inspired by the paintings of M. K. Čiurlionis. The goal is to transform the Town Hall Square into a mysterious, golden shining painting that stylizes a “King’s Fairytale” and transports everyone into a golden sparkling kingdom of stars.

The main composition features a Christmas tree, with its entire body covered in live branches of fir trees, as if cast with drops of gold. Numerous hanging elements of various sizes and shapes, resembling drops of gold, are suspended from the tree, with a shiny gold surface. At the top, an impressive two-meter-wide shining star is placed, made of a special frame with mirrored decorative elements and bright gold-coloured light components. In the centre of the tree, there is a constellation ring in the shape of a bird’s path, shining with lights in the form of stars of various sizes. The entire tree is decorated with numerous garlands of white warm and yellow lights and various-sized framework stars, which seem to twinkle around the tree.

The entrance to the Town Hall Square is adorned with a stylish gate composition, consisting of two separate arched parts. The gates reach a height of four meters at their highest point. Silhouettes of two kings holding the sun are incorporated into the top of the gates. The gates are lavishly decorated with garlands of lights and shining drops of gold, with a stronger emphasis on the sun and crowns.

The entire square is decorated with glowing stars and comet decorations, arranged in such a way that people can walk among the stars and feel as if they are in a king’s fairytale.

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