Christmas Tree “Mysterious Planet”, 2019

This year, the chosen theme is space because everyone is curious about what lies beyond the celestial vault. Artist Jolanta Šmidtienė, along with a team of volunteers, created space-themed toys inspired by “The Little Prince” story. All the toys are illuminated, and the tree is adorned with blue, green, and white lights. In the past, we would choose either white or a single colour, but this time, with the contribution of artist Aušra Kleizaitė, we took a colourful path. All the decorations allow people to freely imagine what each ornament resembles – perhaps a planet or some other object. All the decorations are handcrafted, with each swirl individually formed. It is a complex technique, but the created decorations are playful and leave a good impression. The tree not only paints the world of every visitor with new colours but also allows them to briefly create their own world of dreams.

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