As the autumn evenings are getting longer, we are happy to invite you to the exhibition of acrylic paintings by the artist Tomas Rudokas, which will take place in 2023 on November 3 – 18.

Tomas Rudokas:

– It is not for me to decide what level my work is. I just do what I like. I can be happy about certain circumstances that determined my creative activity. Even as a child, I liked to draw geometric figures: squares, triangles, stacking them on top of each other, composing with each other. For a long time, I wanted a clear linear, geometric, constructive painting. I decided that the time had come for this long-held painting dream to come true. And secondly, creative activity was stimulated by the quarantine, which closed most of the usual activities and allowed to concentrate on creativity. I was alone in the gallery, I painted, I watched the renovation of Laisvė Square through the huge windows of the gallery. And there are tiles again… geometry again. And when you go out to the entrances of the theatre in the evening, under the moonlight, the silhouettes of the buildings look very impressive… How to call it? A geometric painting, although I’m not sure if painting is the most appropriate word. Although this is not a drawing. I draw with paint – maybe it’s painting after all?

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