FUNCTION AND FORM. Inga Kazakevičienė’s Jewellery Exhibition

Funkcija ir forma. ingos kazakevičienės papuošalų paroda 1

In the contemporary world, flooded by the rapidly expanding flow of technologies, there is a noticeable leveling of individual human expression. As if reminding us of the diversity of the world around us, the majority of artists in their works aim to highlight the variety of the surrounding world, the abundance of forms and colors. Indeed, from the earliest times, symbolic images created by humans have been perceived by us both as signs of magical significance and as testimonies of the ever-changing world. Jewelry, accompanying a person on their journey through life since ancient times, plays a particularly vivid role.

Designer Inga Kazakevičienė, in her authorial jewelry exhibition “Function and Form”, aims to draw attention to the significance of jewelry and to provide the consumer with a wide range of choices. In her unique, multifunctional pieces, the creator’s soaring artistic imagination and diversity of forms intermingle harmoniously. A unified artistic vision is created using traditional, time-tested materials – ceramics, leather, silk. Leather and silk ribbons of various sizes and lengths are used to create a cohesive tapestry of multifaceted artistic vision, leaving a wide range of choices to the jewelry users. The complex form of the jewelry and its dominant black color seem to extend the dynamic transformations of the world, creatively revealing a rich emotional realm.

In her jewelry, aiming to enhance the image of the active modern woman, the creator especially emphasizes their bulkiness, versatility, and provides various application variations for each piece. Throughout the working process, I. Kazakevičienė repeatedly changes the initial variant of the jewelry, searching for the most convincing combination of form and chosen technology, aiming to achieve multifunctionality. Continuous dialogue with the material goes on until the set goal is reached – to expand not only the amplitude of jewelry usage but also to endow the piece with multiple meanings.

Art historian Rūta Marija Purvinaitė

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