From spring 2009, the Guild has been initiating a new exhibition project MINIGRANDS. These will be exhibitions of miniatures in a miniature model replicating the spaces of Gallery Balta. The title Minigrands is made of two words. MINI refers to the size of the gallery, and GRANDS, to the solidity and importance of the authors and their works in the art context. For the first exhibition, Lithuanian artists (L. Jonikė, P. Griušys, Č. Banys, A. Janušonis, E. Liudavičius, A. Weigel, E. Bogdanienė, Ž. Ridulytė, J. Šmidtienė, Kalinauskas, L. Drižiūtė, G. Kriaučionytė and others) were invited to create not the quotations or fragments of their works, but independent, much reduced works.

The exhibition exhibit works fit into the folder “MINIGRANDAI”.

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