Birds of Soul

Birds of the Soul
21 of August, 2013 artist Gaila Akelienė made the exhibition of her works „Birds of the Soul“ . About the exhibition she said:

‚All that surrounds us and touches our lives- talks to us if only we could hear it!

An idea of “Birds of the Soul” was born a year ago.

It’s the butterflies who amazed me again and again, by bringing me something new.

The thought, upon seeing a butterfly- fly closer, so that I could look upon you, to taste it’s colorfulness.

And without thought I stretch my arm whispering: don’t be afraid.

And if it happens, a strange feeling overwhelms me – this fragile creature trusted me with it’s life.

It often happens that our life is in somebody’s hands.

This is our strength, especially in the world, where a strong woman is deified- being stronger is safer more stable and perhaps more attractive but being fragile is just good.

If a butterfly simply stands, with his wings clasped together it is usually black

Just like a person, who keeps his eyes shut and his smile forgotten.

Because even if our colors are naive and sweet it is still worth to flap and live with our wings wide open.

Perhaps a more colorful one

Perhaps a thought out one

Perhaps unperfected,

But your life

Let us draw in the sweetness of colors

Allow the flapping of the “Birds of the Soul” to refresh your thoughts

Allow their fragility to show you the beauty of vulnerability

Let your thoughts be spacious.

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